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Casablanca 101

Casablanca 101

I am building a brand new collection of articles & tutorials with a suggested sequence to follow that will help those new to new Casablanca editors to get up and running quickly.

This section is currently being developed.

Getting Started

Setting up your Casablanca - where do all these cables go?

Setting up your Casablanca - which monitor set-up to use?

Installing software

Getting Comfortable with the Menus

Casablanca menu orientation: learn the different types of menu options you'll find throughout the system
Casablanca menu orientation: what are these 13 buttons for on the Main Menu?

Building your first project

Connecting your camcorder/video source deck
Recording/importing video footage
Splitting your footage into separate scenes
Trimming your scenes
What's so special about the 'Special' menu?
What's 'New' ?
Adding to the Storyboard
Adding a simple opening title
Adding a scrolling credit title
Adding transition effects
Importing music from CD
Adding narration
Mixing the audio
Exporting to videotape
Using Arabesk Assistant to complete simple DVD

Review your first project and celebrate your success!

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