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This is a list of Articles (Tutorials, Tips & Information) for Members of Casablanca  I am in the process of making this an active, click-able list... but for now, simply copy the article you wish to access and paste into the 'Search the site' box at your left (in blue left side column).  You can also type in a software product (example: Photo Studio 2) into this 'Search the site' box for easy access to specific tutorials.

If you prefer - you can download a copy of this Tips Index, print if you wish and view at your own leisure: click here for the 8-page Casablanca Expert Index

Tips Categories
Casablanca 101
Casablanca Basics: Set-up, System Wide Operations, etc.
Project Settings Menu
Edit Menu
Titling Menu
Image Processing Menu
Transitions Menu
Audio Record/Edit and Audio Mix Menus
Finish Menu
Arabesk Menu (DVD Authoring) Menu
Archives / Media Manager
Sample Videos
Video Tutorials (short streaming Video lessons)
Webinar Videos (full length streaming Video lessons)

Casablanca 101

Basic Casablanca: Creating 'bookends' to organize your scenes
Basic Casablanca: How to rearrange clips in the Scene Bin
Casablanca 101: Setting up your Casablanca
Casablanca 101: Splitting Your Footage
Casablanca 101: Using the Split function
Casablanca 101: What is the difference between...
General Casablanca Tips: Managing scenes in the Scene Bin

Casablanca Basics: Set-up, System Wide Operations, etc.

Current Casablanca OS: Operating System
Archiving & Restoring Software Activation Codes (BOGART)
Auto-split and down-converted HDV footage
Backup / Restore Archives
Casablanca Software Operator Manuals
Current Casablanca Price List
Firewire Cables ñ what's the difference (400 vs. 800)
German language anomalies in the English...
Help! My S4000/PRO is not showing any screen display
Helpful Adapters for your Casablanca
How come I hear only one channel of audio on my monitor speaker/s?
Is there a Casablanca editor that allows me the capability to dual boot into Windows?
Is there a setting in Smart Edit 8/Bogart 2 that affects the audio output volume?
Monitor set-up options
Performing a clean (destructive) installation of the Operating System
Power Key Cheat Sheet
PowerKey: Applications in the Audio Mix screen
PowerKey: Applications in the Edit screen
PowerKey: Programming the 4 Memory buttons for...
PowerKey: Using repeat to add multiple inserts...
Pro Pack: What does this software provide for me?
Rear connectors on the Casablanca S4100 and S2000
Scene button: Multi-layering
Software Download: ISO Images & Mac computers
Software Download: ISO Images & PC Freeware...

System Settings Menu

Troubleshooting: My Casablanca won't start up...
USB Thumb Drives - which will work with my Casablanca?
Video Connectors: which one provides the best signal quality?
What is the most current update/version for my software?
What is your recommendation for the best monitor for editing HDV on the new S4000 editors?
Where is the front USB port on the Casablanca S4000?
Where is the microphone input on the S4000/PRO?
Which of the firewire (DV) ports on the S4000...
Your Casablanca and USB Connectors

Project Settings Menu

Audio Transitions Setting: Constant vs. Lowered?
AVCHD: Working with this newer HD format on my Bogart OS editor
How do I Import HDV on my Casablanca?
Project Settings; Storyboard Archive ñ capabilities & limitations
Project Settings: Storyboard Archives - DV or DV-Backup ?
Record: Stop Motion Animation
Video Recording Menu
What are my options to use HDV Video on my Renommee?
What will my 4:3 Video look like in 16:9 format?
When should I set the Project Settings to the Progressive mode/s?
Why is my incoming Video black and white?

Edit Menu

Basic Casablanca: How to rearrange clips...
Can I load in a DVD and change one of the films...
Can Photo Studio 2 produce the same results as Pro Show?
Can you retain audio from an inserted scene?
CB Paint: Creating a Flash-Lightning Animation
CB Paint: Creating a Flash-Lightning Animation
CB Paint: Creating Full Motion PIP
CB Paint: Creating transition effect
CB Paint: Setting up your menu screens
CB Paint: Using Auto-Paint to produce an...
CB Paint: Producing an animation using key-frames
Create a Custom Image for Your Studio Video Monitor
Creating a background for a photo collage
Creating a basic animated travel map using Columbus 2 software
Edit: Manually Splitting your Video footage
Edit: Special - Using Shift Hue to change the colors in a scene
Edit: Special - Using the Pick Color to change...
How do I crop photos without borders in Photo Studio 2?
I get a message 'Resolution too small' when I import photos using Photo Studio 2
I have both DP Slow motion and Slow motion - what is the difference?
Importing Video from a DVD into Casablanca for further editing
New Scene Markings
Photo Studio 2: Exporting JPEGs from your PC/Mac
Photo Studio 2: Importing JPEGs via CD
Photo Studio 2: Using the Animation functions
Photo Studio 2: Working with Folders to Import...
Photo Transfer vs. Photo Studio 2 - do you need...
Quad Cam: using Color Balance to adjust...
Question: Is there a way to convert HD footage into an SD project?
SplitX: Using the patterns as full size scenes
Using Columbus 2 you can create your own place names - here's how
Using Disk Transfer to import Video scene/s...
Using Folders in Photo Studio 2 to Manage Images
Using Mark and Scene Bin Display Options
Using the Clipboard to move data between projects
Video inserts: adding a cut-away scene over (between) two scenes
Video inserts: adding a cut-away scene over a single scene
What are all these 'X' software programs?
What is Ethernet Transfer?
What is the message mean that pops up: "the current filter setting prevent to show scene"
What is the purpose of the Card Drive (Card Drive software)
When I playback scenes in the scene bin,some show a time-code playback and other do not, why?
Working with Images previously processed using Adobe PhotoShop

Titling Menu

Creating cool titles: getting started with Candy Factory
Creating Keyhole or Invert Key Title effect...
Font Pack 1: appearance of included fonts
Font Pack 2: appearance of included fonts
Font Pack 3: appearance of included fonts
Font pack 4: appearance of included fonts
How can I remove the white background from a logo?
I cannot access the title effects options in several programs (Deluxe Titler 3D, Title Efx 3)
Importing True Type Fonts into the Titler
Introduction to Deluxe Titler 3D
Superimposing a logo/graphic on your project
Titling: Adding transparent background to title screen
Titling: Copying style onto multiple lines of text
Titling: How to add transparency to your fonts
Titling: Importing text into the titler (great...
Titling: Placing a logo on top of/into a scene
Titling: using Range to adjust length of a title effect
Titling: Why do I have 'DEMO' in all my title?
Using the Box Options to precisely position your title/s
Why is there a colored pattern/graphic covering my titles?
Image Processing Menu
Akaba: Creating a Gradient Filled Object

Transitions Menu

BlueBox World: How to separate or remove all...
BlueBox World: Keying out one particular color:
BlueBox: basic Chroma Key effects on your...
Bump: Creating an embossed title
Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis August 25, 2009 5
Transitions Menu (continued)
Creating your own backgrounds using the Double Exposure Transition
Creating a very cool full motion rotating cube
Creating your own backgrounds using the Double...
PIP Studio 3D: How do I get my PIP/s to rotate...
Transitions: Chet's Favorite Transition Effects
Using the new Auto-add Transitions Options
What should I use to create a multiple PIP effect over a motion background?
Why do I see DEMO where I added a transition?

Audio Menus

Creating audio CD from audio tape using your Casablanca
Audio Envelope Basics (Audio Rubber Banding)
Audio Envelope: Using Block to join anchor...
Audio Envelope: Using Range function to move...
Audio Envelope: Using Range to move anchor point/s
Audio Mix: Using the VO Record Button
Is there a shortcut to apply audio effects to multiple segments in Audio Mix menu?
Moving audio sample to precise ending position...
Using Range in Audio Mix to Trim an audio sample

Finish Menu

Between Disk Transfer or Firewire export is there a quality difference?
How do I create/convert a logo/picture into .PNG format for Finish window?
Importing from Casablanca II (or Cassie Classic) to YouTube
Printing' date & time on finished project
Printing' time-code on finished Video/storyboard
Uploading your Finished Video as a Flash Video file
Arabesk Menu (DVD Authoring) Menu
Arabesk 4: Building Chapter Menus
Arabesk: Adding a motion background to my DVD menu
Arabesk: Using the Trailer+Menu function
Burning a Blu-ray DVD on your S-4000/PRO or S2000
Creating an SD DVD from an HD edited project...
Disk Transfer: Type 1 or Type 2?
DVD: How much can you fit on one?
Help ñ my DVD drawer won't open
Help! Arabesk is not showing all the menus or buttons
How Should I Go About Preparing my project for DVD Authoring?
In DVD Arabesk 4, how to you change chapter icons and how do you remove text fields?
Using Disk Transfer to export scenes to DVD as AVI (data) files
What are the three options for programming film order in Arabesk?
What is Firmware and which version I have loaded?
When adding Films in DVD Arabesk, it displays the previous time and the wrong film/scenes ñ help!
Where do I playback DVD prior to burning the project on the Bogart OS?
“You are about to quit Arabesk although there is still un-rendered DVD data” what does that mean?


Caladan - which printers are compatible?
Can I use Smart Sound (Sonic Fire Pro) with my Casablanca?
Can you retain audio from an inserted scene?
Down-converting HDV to SD in Sony HDV camcorders
Importing or using Power Point files with your Video project
International Broadcast TV Standards - which do I use?
Most popular websites for hosting & sharing your Videos
Traveling with your Casablanca editor
Using Google advanced search for specific images/photos
Using the Color Wheel to select best colors for titles (outlines & shadows)
What do I (Chet) use for my own personal DVD duplication?
What is window-boxing or the postage stamp effect?
Who are the companies that develop software for Casablanca?

Archives / Media Manager

Exporting a file (scene or Storyboard) from Scene Bin to Media Manager
How do I export a file from the Media Manager...
How do I load different files into my Media Manager?
How do I move data from the Media Manager into my Scene Bin?
How do I stop the auto photo slide-show when I insert a CD with photos
I lost my cursor while in the Media Manager - help!
Importing a file (scene or Storyboard) from Bogart IOS to iPhone/iPod
Importing MP3 Files (audio) Into your Bogart OS editor
Importing photos into the Media Manager
Importing Video from iPhone 3GS Into Casablanca
Importing Video from the newer Flash Camcorders into your Bogart Casablanca
Is there a method for connecting iPhone or iPod directly to my Bogart editor?
Media Manager: Exporting MP3 Audio
Media Manager: Using Network function to import Video, audio or photos
Setting Media Manager to display on DVI (HDMI)...
What does UPnP stand for - in the Media Manager Settings?

Sample Videos
Color changing wedding reception music Video by Bobbie Evoy
High School Reunion Tribute Video by Chet Davis
MGT 2009 Presentation - Jorg Sprave
Magic Lights: Video Challenge Entry by Beth Klinger
Magic Lights: Video Challenge Entry by Bobbie Evoy
Tips & Tutorials by the Casablanca Expert, Chet Davis August 25, 2009 7
Video Tutorial: Short Streaming Video Lessons
Video Tutorial - Photo Studio 2: Managing with Folders
Video Tutorial - Audio Mix: Trimming & Moving Audio Samples
Video Tutorial - Edit Screen: Modifying Colors in the Image Pool
Video Tutorial - CB Paint ñ Embellishing black and white illustration
Video Tutorial - Clipboard Function
Video Tutorial - Color Changing Music Video (How to Create this Cool Effect)
Video Tutorial - Editing to the Beat
Video Tutorial - Exporting Audio to CD disc.
Video Tutorial - New Options in Edit menu
Video Tutorial - Time-Line monitor options
Video Tutorial - Using your own maps with Columbus 2
Video Tutorial - VGA High-res Edit Menu Monitor Edit View Option
Webinar Video Recording (full length streaming video lessons)
Webinar Video: Adding more than 9 films to the Main Menu of Arabesk 4
Webinar Video: An introduction to Animating using Akaba New Concept
Webinar Video: Animating Photo Collages using Photo Studio 2
Webinar Video: Audio Sweetening Tools for your Casablanca
Webinar Video: Basic animated travel map using Columbus 2
Webinar Video: Chet's Favorite Power Key Shortcuts and Commands
Webinar Video: Chet's Favorite Specials
Webinar Video: Creating a 3 PIP effect using Picture In Picture 3D
Webinar Video: Creating a Full Motion Video Cube
Webinar Video: Creating titles with Candy Factory
Webinar Video: Creating Programming for Community & School Fundraisers
Webinar Video: Creative Titling with Casablanca
Webinar Video: How and Why to Use the Trailer + Menu Function in DVD Arabesk
Webinar Video: Importing Photos using Media Manager
Webinar Video: Learn the intricacy of the Buttons & Chapter Buttons in Arabesk 4
Webinar Video: Mixing Different Aspect Ratios
Webinar Video: Multiple Camera Mixing with Quad Cam
Webinar Video: Use of Menu Templates for both Chapter and Main DVD Menus
Webinar Video: Use of the Box Functions in the Casablanca Titler
Webinar Video: Using Disk Transfer to both Export and Archive
Webinar Video: Using Interactive Buttons to Create Compelling DVD Menus
Webinar Video: Using Magic Lights to Create Volumetric Lighting Effects
Webinar Video: Using Separate Chroma in Blue to Remove All But 1 Color
Webinar Video: Using the 'Correction' Tools in the Audio Mix Menu
Webinar Video: Using the Clipboard to Move Scenes Between Projects
Webinar Video: Using the Edit to the Beat in the Audio Record/Edit Menu
Webinar Video: Using the Envelope (Rubber Banding)